Return Your Sleep Schedule

Sleep time has been a mess during COVID-19 pandemic

Does the title seem all too familiar? Do you have more sleeping troubles even when you’ve already stayed at home? Most of us do and that seems to be the common thing we have now. Working from home, school from home, hobbies from home, and much more, in logic, should actually make us sleep better because we don’t have to pull out our extra energy to go to work or school. But the fact is different from that, we have seen multiple people complaining on their social media accounts that their sleeping schedules are now twisted. They sleep in the morning (usually by 3 AM or even more later than that), wake up in the afternoon (sometimes the evening) and they start doing their activities.


Being in quarantine does not mean that you can always break the rules by sleeping however you want. Having a consistent time of sleep can really help your body to regain energy, to rest, to be at its maximum condition, and so much more. And how do we keep a healthy sleeping schedule during this pandemic season?

  • Maintain a regular routine: If you normally wake up early in the morning, keep up the routine. If you are doing this, you will feel less disrupted by everything that has been going on and can stay on track.
  • Don’t nap excessively: Napping will only make you sleep even later at night. If you are tired, have a little nap around 30 minutes long and then wake up and continue your activities for the day to avoid being too energetic at night.
  • Do some exercise: Exercise at home can be fun too. And by doing exercise you can feel more tired by the end of the day and have a sense of achievement because you felt more accomplished on that day.
  • Structure your news intake: Now this is very important, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been lots of hoaxes, conspiracies, bandwagon, or maybe even propaganda that we didn’t realize. To avoid stress, don’t read excessive news, be relaxed and maybe have a go at your books on the shelves that you haven’t had the chance to read yet, it might be helpful.

A few of these tips can really help you have better sleep quality during these times. Staying up late all night is not really healthy for your body and your brain. You can also feel super exhausted during the day which is not good. What do you think of these tips? Do you feel that it has an impact on your sleep schedule? Mention us on our Instagram to tell us about your experience!