School Break is for Internship Abroad

School Break for Internship Abroad

While you could devote your school break from college to relaxing and enjoying free time with family and friends, if you’re forward-thinking, you might want to focus on building your career and taking the next steps to finding opportunities to do internship abroad.

Doing internship abroad aka working for free might not be ideal for some students. Who wants to spend their holiday break doing work for free? Yet, here’s why you should want to take this opportunity.

The Unique Opportunities

Internships offer unique opportunities. The position provides you with the chance to actually work for a boss in your field and strengthens the skills learned in class. These opportunities also build strong company protocol skills, including dress codes, professional speech, and time management. Internships also provide your first chance working with professionals in a team environment.

The Training (Directly from the Professionals!)

Keep in mind that internship abroad is not only to fill your school break. On-the-job training is just as crucial as the paycheck you receive, and you should ask the hiring manager about skill building on the job.

Explain to the hiring manager that you are using your seasonal winter job to learn new skills, and ask them for opportunities to shadow professionals in the company. While sometimes it might not work as they can be too busy, this method is worth to try. Who knows you may find a lower-level manager willing to show you around.

The Future Possibilities

Don’t forget to rub elbows with the boss during the internship. Offer to take on a few more tasks, or see if they need help with a project. On your first day at the job, introduce yourself to the boss, explain why you took a seasonal position, and ask if you can reach out to them for advice or questions. Most supervisors welcome the opportunity to help college students grow.

Communicating with other employees and customers also reaps many benefits. Reach out to other departments, join some of your peers during lunch, or spend a few extra minutes with a customer. You never know who you will meet. It could be your next job opportunity.


Finding internship abroad opportunities during school break can be competitive as it’s the popular time for students to do internships. Ask your college career counselor if they know any businesses willing to provide internships, or you can send your proposal to a few companies in your area. If you still find difficulties, just contact us anytime for consultation. We can help you find internship abroad opportunities!