Virtual Internships Webinar with STIKI Malang

International Virtual Internships: An Opportunity During The COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

On Thursday, 14th of May 2019, Bright Internships and STIKI Malang held a webinar on Google Meet with the topic “International Virtual Internships”. Because of the pandemic, it is hard to do internships because lots of companies are closing down their offices and switches to working at home environment. In this webinar, we talked about the alternatives of doing internships from home, or as we know, virtual internships. Is it possible? Yes, it is!



The information that we provide in the webinar can hopefully give some more insights to the students about their chance on doing virtual internships. We are very happy that the students who joined in our webinar has been enthusiastic and cooperative. It is fun to share this information and some laugh on the process. For those of you who did not get the chance to join the webinar live, there are a few options you can do. You can send us your email address on our Instagram or Twitter, or if you have any more questions regarding the virtual internships or other information you can directly contact us.


Thank you, STIKI Malang for making this opportunity happen and thank you also to those who have participated in this webinar. We hope to see you again in our next collaboration!