Visa for an internship in Indonesia: the easy way

My name is Adrian, I am a French student who is currently doing a program in Indonesia. After I found my internship in this country, the following step was even more daunting: getting the visa to enter the country. At the time, I thought the only way was to prepare it in France, my country of origin, by doing two long and expensive round trips to Paris. I would have had to wait 15 days between the request and fetching of the visa. Fortunately, my host company helped me a lot and let me know there was another - easier- way to do the visa.

When looking for an internship in Indonesia, you can use a social-cultural visa if the internship is unpaid. Your company can still find the accommodation for you and provide other benefits, as it was my case. The trick is to go to the Indonesian embassy in Singapore instead of your own country. If you do so, your visa will be fully processed in 48 hours. If you do everything wrong like I did, it can take one week. Let me share with you my mistakes so that you can obtain your visa the fastest way possible.

1) Make sure you don't start the procedure on Friday - if you do so, you will have to wait until the following week.

2) Prepare everything in advance. Employees at the embassy will not have time to explain to you what documents you should have, or what you should write in your application form.

The documents include:
- The filled application form, with your photo
- A photocopy of your passport
- A recommandation letter from your host company
- The ID card of the referent person in your host company
- 75 SGD in cash

3) The first day after I arrived in Singapore, because of the jetlag, I chose to go to the embassy in the afternoon. Unfortunately, applications can only be made in the morning. If you want to stay only 48 hours in Singapore, be an early bird!



4) After you have submitted your application to the first desk, don't forget to pay before leaving. It can be unclear, as the payment is made at another desk. You may think you will have to pay when they deliver you the visa, but this is not the case!

5) There are several ways to go to the embassy.
- You can get a taxi (using the app "Grab").
- You can use the MRT and stop at the Somerset station - but you should count 15 minutes of walk afterwards.
- You can also take the bus and walk 10 minutes.

6) It is possible to stay up to 2 months in Indonesia with this visa, but you can renew it after that period if you go back to Singapore. Although going back and forth every two months can be a little expensive, it is much more convenient and faster than doing the visa in Indonesia directly.

Don't hesitate to let us help you with your visa procedure in Singapore! You can also apply for an internship in Asia now.