Webinar #2 With PPIA QUT

Global Career Building Webinar

This year, we meet again with our former partner, PPIA QUT! Last year we had a webinar collaboration with PPIA QUT discussing about “Global Career Building” and this year we are doing “Global Career Building” webinar #2 on 3rd of July 2020! It was very exciting to be able to work together again in building something that affects our community both in Indonesia and also in Australia.

It is a little bit different on this webinar, instead of just presenting and Q&A session in the end, we made it into a talk-show with our CEO, Florensia Wiyono Daryanto, as the speaker and Nabella Ananda from PPIA QUT as the host. It was such a fun session where we talked about the difference between regular and virtual internship and what it means to upgrade yourself by learning more skills (even when you’re at home!). Virtual internship has also been a trend lately because of the pandemic and we are reopening our virtual internship program also. And of course, we love our audience while we’re at it, we received a lot of questions regarding the topic and we had a great time discussing it with all of the participants.


Thank you PPIA QUT for collaborating with us again this year. Also, thank you to PPIA QUT wonderful host, Nabella Ananda and of course we hope next year there will be a webinar #3 on the go!

For more information about our virtual internships and photos of this webinar please visit our Instagram or contact us!