Webinar Intern Series

Webinar Intern Series Part 1

Webinar Intern Series

Webinar Intern Series part 1 was held by Bright Internships with the topic "Let's Craft Your International Experience" on December 11th, 2020 through a zoom meeting. The speaker of this webinar is Ms. Athiya (Alumni of Bright Internships).
Thanks to our moderators Ms. Evelyn Cuanda and Ms. Vania Gowin that helped in this webinar.

In this webinar, Ms. Athiya shares with brighterns, her journey, joining Bright Internships' internship program: from doing an internship in The Body Shop Jakarta then doing an internship in Google UK as a software engineering intern.
This webinar was attended by young professional participants who actively asked questions, career tips, etc.

Ms. Athiya shares with us, her struggle applying for the internship program and said to work hard if you want to achieve your dream. She also explains the difference between workplace circumstances in The Body Shop and Google UK. The bigger the place, the more you should work harder.

Thanks to all the participants who helped this webinar intern series to be as great as ever. We all had fun in our 1.5 hours together on this intern series webinar. We hope to see you again in another webinar.
Also, thanks to all the media partners that collaborate with us to spread this impressive webinar. We hope to see you again in another webinar.

webinar intern series

Did you miss the opportunity to join the webinar? Don't worry, Bright Internships will hold other useful webinars in the future.
Good news! In January, Bright Internships will host an intern series webinar Part 2 that will invite one of our alumni: Yunita Saputra to share with brightens her internship experience in Shanghai, China.

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