Webinar with MUISA

“Virtual Internship & Increasing Productivity During Corona” Webinar

On 13th of July 2020, Bright Internships held a collaboration with another PPI from Melbourne University, MUISA. With lots of preparation and training, we were able to do the webinar successfully with over than 50 participants joining us.

In this webinar session we talked about what is going on around us on this virus season, because of the virus, we put a lot of things on hold. While things are changing, should we adapt or just stay the same like we always do? The answer is we must adapt. We need to change our point of view and not just think of the negativity, but we must think of the positivity it brings as well. In this session, we learned about so many opportunities that we can reach by thinking out our comfort zone.


The participants are amazing and active during the webinar and is eager to learn new things. we received a lot of questions and we get to discuss and learn together on this short time.

In this collaboration we also have a promo for PPIA and MUISA member cardholder, for students who are applying for an internship from Bright Internships, they will get a discounted rate of 150 AUD/student. Thank you MUISA for making this collaboration happen, we appreciate your hard work and hope that we can collaborate again in the future. For more information about Bright Internships collaboration, online classes, and webinars please head to our Instagram account. Cheers!