Webinar with PPI Hong Kong

Virtual Internship & Professional Interview Preparation Webinar

Bright Internships held an amazing webinar collaboration with PPI Hong Kong on 25th of June 2020 on the topic “Virtual Internship & Professional Interview Preparation”. The webinar was hosted by one of PPI Hong Kong member, Andre Nathael and our CEO, Florensia Wiyono Daryanto, as the speaker via Zoom. At first, we were talking about Virtual Internships, what it means to be a virtual intern. What can we do and most importantly, what can we get by doing so. We also talked about how to excel your interview, the dos and don’ts when doing an interview, what questions are going to be asked and most importantly we trained together as well!

The participants are super cooperative and communicative, we had tons of questions that are super helpful for other participants so they can get even deeper on the topic. In the end, we are hosting a giveaway for one lucky winner to be trained by our advisors with their interview skills (congratuliation Thalia Thanius!). We also get to take pictures at end with hundreds of participants by turning on our cameras at the same time. Our host was also very fun too!


Thank you so much Andre Nathael and PPI Hong Kong team for collaborating with Bright Internships and together we made this webinar happen. We hope to see more of each other in the future and let’s move on together to make better of our community by sharing our knowledge and resources.

For more details and photos on this webinar, please visit our Instagram.