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Why an internship abroad is the most valuable line on your CV


For decades, graduating from a well-known school was the highway to start a successful career. This privileged smarter students, but also encouraged social reproduction. Better financial means meant better education, and so on.

For the last fifteen years, a shift in this belief has emerged. Since the startup era has begun, more and more companies have looked for creative, confident, risk-taking individuals. Far from the safe path of graduating from school, studies abroad, volunteering, entrepreneurship and international internships started to be coveted. Experience finally completed Theory.
Students did well keeping up with this new trend. Many understood that competition to find a job starts long before graduation. That said, what can you do to boost your appeal? How can you make the short time you have work for your future? Let's present a few of the most valuable experiences available to you.

1) Studies abroad

That may be the first experience worth considering when at University. Studies abroad can give you the first skills you need to start your journey: confidence, communication, open-mindedness, you name it. A study exchange program is also quite easy to get if your school already has developed partnerships overseas. Besides, studies abroad are not too demanding: you will go out, meet many friends and create memories life memories.

2) Entrepreneurial experience

Being an entrepreneur teaches you everything you need to know about how a business works. When you create a company, you develop a valuable network, you specialize in one industry, you become resourceful.

3) Volunteering

Volunteering is rarely related directly to your major. It is therefore a good opportunity to try something different when you're not really sure what you want to do with your life. A volunteer works for a purpose, not a paycheck. You will feel valuable to your community.

4) Internships abroad

As proposed in the title, internships abroad may be the most valuable experience when you are still a student. Internships abroad bring to you the value of every other experience above.
- As in a period of studies abroad, international internships help you develop your soft skills: confidence, goal-orientation, communication, etc. You will improve your language abilities as well. Internships are also a way to apply the theory learnt at school in daily tasks.
- As with an entrepreneurial experience, employers will value your boldness. Knowing how to get out of your comfort zone is one of the most respected traits when you are looking for a job.
- Although volunteering experiences are close to internship ones, they are not as valuable for your career - what you learn is relevant for your personality, not so much for the industry you want to specialize in.

We don't argue that you should do only internships abroad as a student. Most members of the Bright Internships team have had either experience of studies abroad, volunteering, or entrepreneurial. Those experiences helped build our path to being an open-minded and resourceful team.
We mean it: to do at least one internship abroad as a 21th century student is a must.

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