Why Should We Attend a Webinar?

Is webinar a thing now?

It is the era of new normal, why should we still attend a webinar? There are lots of reasons why doing a webinar or online classes is still a better option these days. But firstly, what are webinars? A webinar is basically a seminar that is held online using several social platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc. The contents of a webinar are pretty much the same to regular seminars, the difference is just you’re not seeing your speaker face-to-face. And we have found lots of organization that held webinars, such as us, Bright Internships.

But still, the question is, we’re at new normal era, even if we don’t, why bother doing a webinar? The answer varies. Some people like it because it’s practical, some people like to listen to the speaker live in the flesh. Let me tell you a few points where doing a webinar can save up a lot of things for you. Its practicality, you can book a webinar appointment on 9AM for example, and you have a habit of waking up at 8.30AM, you can easily slip out of bed, brush your teeth, get some breakfast and sit on your table in front of your laptop while listening to the speaker about the webinar topic. When you do a webinar, you save up gas, time, energy, and money (and maybe save up other things you didn’t even realize). You can do it at home, at the office, café, your friend’s house, literally anywhere! And the best thing is, you can audio record it and take up notes and listen to it again.


We personally love doing webinars because sometimes we can be more intimate with the audience on screen. Plus, in this pandemic season, we understand lots of people are looking to skill up and gain new experiences, that is why we decided to build an online career and soft skill training class. We do it twice or thrice a month to help people by sharing our knowledge and train together in an online meeting room. We already had 2 classes held, still on the same theme “Basic Selling Skill” we did the Database and Telephone Skill class and Presentation Skill class. The audience were amazing, they also help us improving our skills by giving us feedback. In the end, we all grow together for the better version of us.

We also upload all the information about our online career and soft skill training class on our social media, mostly the posters are uploaded in our Instagram. If you have any questions about how to join the classes or maybe other questions regarding Bright Internships, feel free to contact us!