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Write the Cover Letter

The cover letter contains what makes you good for this job. Based on the data, 40% of recruiters say they look for a cover letter on applications and 45% of recruiters say the cover of a cover letter will result in a rejected CVs. If you want to consider making a cover letter, there are a few things to note. How to write a cover letter?

• Greetings

Start it with greetings: Hi hello dear

• Introduction

Let the recruiters know who you are based on your cover letter. You can write about what do you do or what are you interested in that related to the job you're applying for to support your reason. Then
What job are you applying for and Where did you hear about it?

cover letter

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• Summarizing yourself

Describe yourself with what is important to you, what is good at and what you enjoy.

• Problem vs solution

This contains the job description, language used, company research, news, and challenges in the industry and works personal skills for a job. Tell the recruiters why do you suit this job, why they should hire you, and can you solve the company problem.

• Relevant achievements

This is optional, these sections contain your certificates, volunteering experiences, achievements, languages, skills, hobbies, and interests if released to jobs and links to your website.

cover letter

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• Sign-off

Then at the end of your cover letter, say what you expect to the recruiters. did you expect to get this job, etc? For example, you can write it like: I am honored to be considered for this position. I look forward to hearing from you and please let me know if you would like any more information about me. Many thanks.

Those are the basic things that you can refer to in writing a cover letter. Always achieve your dream job, and do your best at the interview. If you have difficulties in interviewing and want to practice, dont hesitate to contact us.