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Info Session Ottimmo International

Info session with the theme "Culinary Art in the World's Professional Kitchen"

Bright Internships host a info session about international hospitality internship, especially culinary art internship on May 4th, 2021.

This is a special session from Bright Internships to Ottimmo International students. The purpose of this session is to give the students information and knowledge about internship abroad.

The first session was Mr. Kukuh from Ottimmo International explained about internship program is a must for Ottimmo International students. He explained that internship should be done in 6 months and if possible the students have to doing internship in 5 star hotel or fine dining restaurant. Mr. Kukuh also explained about Ottimmo International rules before doing internship, what are the requirements before apply internship, the students have to finish their task about research and development.

After Mr. Kukuh's session, the second session was a presentation from Mr. Ariady (Director of Strategic Partnership, Bright Internships). Mr. Ariady gave the participants motivation why they should doing an internship. After that, Mr. Ariady also explained about Bright Internships' program such as internship program, career training and soft skill program. He also explained about the procedures to apply an internship. What kind of preparation prepared by Bright Internships if you want to apply through Bright Internships.

The next session was questions and answers session. In this session, many students asked about Bright Internships' program, how much they have to pay if they want to apply internship through Bright Internships. They also asked about language in some country, such as Thailand, is it important to fluent in Thailand language or english is enough. Mr. Ariady and Ms. Florensia (CEO of Bright Internships) answered those questions clearly so that the student could understand.

Since many students asked about internship in Thailand, Ms. Florensia asked Ms. Yemima to give her testimony during internship in Thailand. Ms. Yemima is one of alumni from Bright Internship who interned in hospitality industry in Thailand. Ms. Yemima shared her stories during internship, her daily life, and she said it's okay if you don't fluent in Thailand language, because in her hotel most of the time she worked and communicate in English. But it would be good if you understand basic Thailand language, most of them still use Thailand language during their conversation in their daily life. She also share a lot of Thailand dish photos during her testimony.

info session

One of Ottimmo International students, Mr. Yerimia interned in Vietnam as culinary art intern. Bright Internships and Ottimmo International have been working together for quite a long time and many Ottimmo International students are interning through Bright Internships.

If you still have any questions about our program, don't hesitate to contact us. Stay update on our social media for the latest information about our program.