UNIKA Atma Jaya Special Program: Internship Abroad

UNIKA Atma Jaya Special Program: Internship Abroad


We believe internship will become a powerful and transformative experience for students, especially if they choose to do the internship abroad. The reasons to intern abroad is endless but some students may still have hesitation or difficulty as they are not familiar with how to connect with foreign companies as well as what to prepare. Thus, Bright Internships together with Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya (UNIKA Atma Jaya) create these special internship abroad programs.

The internship placements in destinations below will be 5 days a week/approximately 40 hours a week. It will run for a minimum of 6 weeks and the start date is flexible. The internship can be done individually / group

The internship abroad program is open for all industries in 6 top destinations including Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong KongTokyo, Kyoto, and Valencia.

We also have local internship in 4 destinations available such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, and Bali.

Please mind that we are always open for consultation if the students are still not sure about which industry or which destination they would like to try. Just contact us anytime and have a discussion about the internship for free.


The students need full English proficiency (at least conversational) but no other foreign language proficiency is needed to complete their work tasks.

The students will need to have a strong desire to build a global portfolio of skills, expand their horizons while stepping out of their comfort zones.

General expected outcomes (All industries)

The exact nature, activities and emphasis within each internship will vary according to the student/role/host company but generally speaking students should have satisfactorily completed an intensive period of work experience that effectively inducts them into the nature, structure and organization of a company and their future work, professional roles and responsibilities.

Throughout the internship, they are expected to:

  • Develop awareness and understanding in specific roles and responsibilities in their preferred industries
  • Understand the nature of businesses in Indonesia as workplaces and their associated values, routines and cultures through an intensive experience
  • Further develop and refine their skills and professional capacity in their preference industry
  • Demonstrate an understanding of professional and ethical practice
  • Develop an awareness of networking with professionals
  • Learn and implement teamwork skill at workplace

Program Inclusion

We want to help UNIKA Atma Jaya's students to have unforgetablle international experience with no hassle. Therefore, we will provide the services below to help them get the most of their internship abroad:


For more detail features, please visit our pricing page.

GREAT NEWS - as we are collaborating with UNIKA Atma Jaya, we provide special price for UNIKA Atma Jaya's students. Feel free to contact us for detail program info.

Safety & Security

  • On-Site Institutional Support

Our local in-country staffs have 10 years of experience managing institutional programs. The team has a great deal of experience managing various health, safety and security issues including psychological illness, illness necessitating surgery, road accidents, and terrorist attacks. Our office is happy to assist students with any program questions or concerns that they might have during their program during regular office hours. There will be a 24/7 emergency contact available to contact on out of office hours.

  • Program Risk Mitigation Strategy

During the pre-departure and in-country orientation, the group will be warned against specific risks, including the use of dangerous local transportations, the neighborhood to avoid at night, legal implications of using illicit substances, tropical diseases etc. Our team will be available during the entire program for any questions/help.

Application Process and Timeline for Internship program

If you are interested to join the internship abroad program, please submit your application.

Application Deadline: 25 April 2019

Selection: 27 April 2019 - 1 May 2019

Announcement: 3 May 2019

Interview: 6 - 7 May 2019

More info about the application process here.

We have received many feedbacks from our past interns and their feedbacks always help us to reflect and keep going. You can contact us anytime and please don't be hesitated to ask if you have any questions regarding this UNIKA Atma Jaya special program.

We look forward in welcoming you in our program soon!