How to Impress your Boss During your Internship

Nowadays, internship programs are highly sought after and extremely competitive, as they are often the first step to employment. Once you are lucky enough to land an internship position, you will want to make sure you have a successful one. One of the most important factors to make-or-break your internship experience is The Boss. If you manage to impress your boss, your internship program will end happily with a job offer or, at the very least, a glowing recommendation. Based on our experience, here are several things you can do to impress your boss.

5 Negara Favorit Magang Di Luar Negeri

Banyak orang Indonesia yang ingin berkarir di ranah Internasional. Apakah kamu termasuk salah satunya? Sebelum memutuskan untuk pergi ke luar negeri dengan tujuan memperoleh pekerjaan dengan gaji yang lebih tinggi, ada baiknya jika terlebih dulu kamu memperbaiki curriculum vitae milikmu. Pasalnya, perusahaan di luar sana tentu akan lebih memilih tenaga kerja yang sudah berpengalaman.

Salah satu cara yang bisa kamu lakukan untuk memperoleh pengalaman itu adalah dengan magang di luar negeri. Pengalaman ini tentu akan sangat membantumu dalam meningkatkan ‘nilai jual’ di mata perusahaan-perusahaan di luar negeri. Belum punya Negara tujuan untuk magang? Salah satu Negara ini mungkin bisa jadi tujuan kamu.

7 Benefits of Internship Abroad with Bright Internships

When you have had an experience of internship abroad, you will clearly have an edge in the future job market over your classmates who have not. You will be able to write a strong resume detailing your visible work experience and your capability to perform in a multicultural environment – as the result of the internship abroad. This is important especially if you dream to work in multinational companies, where work experience is a requirement and multicultural environment is to be expected. Here, Bright Internships presents to help you, who want to have internships abroad, with these 7 benefits:

5 Things You Can Do To Survive Your First International Internship

International internship may be your first step to get your dream job, as it will provide you with solid work experience and industry knowledge. However, it is a vastly different environment compared to local workplace. To ensure that you survive your first international internship, you need to maintain an excellent workplace habits and a high standard of professional output. So, if you are interested to start an international internship, here are some advices to guarantee your survival.


Do Communicate, but Avoid Sensitive Topics