Magang Luar Negeri

Magang Luar Negeri : Apa yang Bisa Saya Dapat?

Apakah brighterns sudah pernah magang? Sudah magang tapi hanya di dalam negeri ? Apakah tidak ingin mencoba magang luar negeri? Tidak ada yang perlu brighterns takutkan karena dengan magang di luar negeri, brighterns dapat :

  • Menjadi mandiri

Jika brighterns masih serumah dengan orangtua, kebanyakan pasti dilakukan orangtua, tapi dengan magang luar negeri brighterns harus bisa bertahan hidup sendirian dengan belajar memasak, belajar mengurus rumah dengan menjaga kebersihannya secara rutin. Dengan menjadi mandiri, juga dapat melatihan kemampuan terencana teman-teman agar selalu mengikuti jadwal, memikirkan segala hal sebelum bertindak apa saja yang perlu disiapkan, dan masih banyak lagi.

Create Your Own Career Planning

Why Career Planning is Important?

Everything needs a plan, you or your parents must be already planning about education since junior high school until college. For example, you want to go to the Top university. But if you didn't accepted, what college you will choose? You will have to make a backup plan. The same thing happens to a career. It is important to make career planning from now. You should think, what you will do after finishing college, 5 years and 10 years after.

Career planning is closely related to financial planning. It's better if you already know about financial planning. Career planning means the same as increasing your monthly income. By reaching the top, your monthly income will increase, therefore you should plan your career as best as you can.

Webinar with MUISA

“Virtual Internship & Increasing Productivity During Corona” Webinar

On 13th of July 2020, Bright Internships held a collaboration with another PPI from Melbourne University, MUISA. With lots of preparation and training, we were able to do the webinar successfully with over than 50 participants joining us.

In this webinar session we talked about what is going on around us on this virus season, because of the virus, we put a lot of things on hold. While things are changing, should we adapt or just stay the same like we always do? The answer is we must adapt. We need to change our point of view and not just think of the negativity, but we must think of the positivity it brings as well. In this session, we learned about so many opportunities that we can reach by thinking out our comfort zone.

Webinar #2 With PPIA QUT

Global Career Building Webinar

This year, we meet again with our former partner, PPIA QUT! Last year we had a webinar collaboration with PPIA QUT discussing about “Global Career Building” and this year we are doing “Global Career Building” webinar #2 on 3rd of July 2020! It was very exciting to be able to work together again in building something that affects our community both in Indonesia and also in Australia.

Webinar with PPI Hong Kong

Virtual Internship & Professional Interview Preparation Webinar

Bright Internships held an amazing webinar collaboration with PPI Hong Kong on 25th of June 2020 on the topic “Virtual Internship & Professional Interview Preparation”. The webinar was hosted by one of PPI Hong Kong member, Andre Nathael and our CEO, Florensia Wiyono Daryanto, as the speaker via Zoom. At first, we were talking about Virtual Internships, what it means to be a virtual intern. What can we do and most importantly, what can we get by doing so. We also talked about how to excel your interview, the dos and don’ts when doing an interview, what questions are going to be asked and most importantly we trained together as well!

Our Future Plans

What are your plans for the next 5 to 10 years?

As a living being, we tend to have a desire to reach something better for us, our loved ones, community, or even maybe the world. It’s always good to remember what your goals are. When you have them set out, it’s easier to see where you’re headed. It helps you sort out your vision a little more. For example, for tomorrow, you plan to have a delicious and fun lunch with your group of friends. Or maybe next week, you have plans with your family to go on a trip to the beach.


Learning Language Online

Online language courses

In this globalization environment, we are forced to understand the language of certain countries to be able to communicate easier and find a better common ground. The world is now fast-paced because of the internet and the practicality of transportation. But, for some people learning a new language can be very hard and complicated because they need to learn new grammars, words, phrases, and maybe other alphabets from other languages. And because we are stuck at home, might as well use our free time to learn these languages online. There are a few apps that can help us learn new languages such as:



Write the Cover Letter

The cover letter contains what makes you good for this job. Based on the data, 40% of recruiters say they look for a cover letter on applications and 45% of recruiters say the cover of a cover letter will result in a rejected CVs. If you want to consider making a cover letter, there are a few things to note. How to write a cover letter?

• Greetings

Start it with greetings: Hi hello dear

• Introduction

Let the recruiters know who you are based on your cover letter. You can write about what do you do or what are you interested in that related to the job you're applying for to support your reason. Then
What job are you applying for and Where did you hear about it?

cover letter

Photo by Van Tay Media on Unsplash