Our Future Plans

What are your plans for the next 5 to 10 years?

As a living being, we tend to have a desire to reach something better for us, our loved ones, community, or even maybe the world. It’s always good to remember what your goals are. When you have them set out, it’s easier to see where you’re headed. It helps you sort out your vision a little more. For example, for tomorrow, you plan to have a delicious and fun lunch with your group of friends. Or maybe next week, you have plans with your family to go on a trip to the beach.


Learning Language Online

Online language courses

In this globalization environment, we are forced to understand the language of certain countries to be able to communicate easier and find a better common ground. The world is now fast-paced because of the internet and the practicality of transportation. But, for some people learning a new language can be very hard and complicated because they need to learn new grammars, words, phrases, and maybe other alphabets from other languages. And because we are stuck at home, might as well use our free time to learn these languages online. There are a few apps that can help us learn new languages such as:



Write the Cover Letter

The cover letter contains what makes you good for this job. Based on the data, 40% of recruiters say they look for a cover letter on applications and 45% of recruiters say the cover of a cover letter will result in a rejected CVs. If you want to consider making a cover letter, there are a few things to note. How to write a cover letter?

• Greetings

Start it with greetings: Hi hello dear

• Introduction

Let the recruiters know who you are based on your cover letter. You can write about what do you do or what are you interested in that related to the job you're applying for to support your reason. Then
What job are you applying for and Where did you hear about it?

cover letter

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Magang Online

Magang Online: Menghemat Energi dan Waktu

Pandemi Covid-19 menyebabkan kita tidak bisa melakukan apa-apa dan hanya berada di rumah, tidak bisa mencari part-time karena cafe ditutup, diliburkan dari pekerjaan, tidak ada kegiatan organisasi, dll. Dalam masa liburan ini, biasanya mahasiswa akan mencari informasi magang, tapi sekarang untuk keluar rumah saja tidak bisa.
Semua hal dilakukan secara online karena Covid-19: virtual photoshoot, konser virtual, online meeting, dan online class. Kita dituntut berada di rumah saja untuk mengurangi tingkat penyebaran virus ini. Tapi tidak hanya itu saja kegiatan yang bisa kamu lakukan secara online. Kamu juga sekarang bisa melakukan magang online. 

Magang Online

From A Home to An Office

Turning your home to a private office

Since work from home is now being held everywhere, it is important for us to make a comfortable environment to work inside our house. Working or doing your virtual internship in a place where your family or relatives’ lives can be a challenge sometimes. One minute we are working, the next will be kids coming in and out of your working space. Or maybe someone is turning the TV volume too loud, there are lots of possibilities and noises. Those things can affect our productivity during work. How can we manage to set up a private office at our home? There are a few tips such as:

Online Class with KampusUpdate

Online Class: Succesful Interview Tips and Fun Facts About Internships

On Wednesday, 20th of May 2020, our CEO Florensia Wiyono and KampusUpdate held an online class. The class was held via Google Meet and we all had so much fun. We discussed the tips and tricks to ace an interview, what we should say and how we should act in front of our interviewers. We also had an interactive session where we practiced together how to do an interview. In this Mock interview, the students tell about what their achievement. This can be an encouragement to other student to improve their skills,and must be a benchmark so we can be better.

Why It Is Important To Improve Your Skill

Skill improving will help your career

Skill is a crucial thing to have nowadays, because of the 4.0 industry, companies nowadays are expecting their workers to have a certain skill set. Regarding to this issue, it is very important for you to work on your skill. Think of it this way, if your doctor does not improve his skills and knowledge, would you still go to that doctor to get treated? Having new skills and improving the old ones has a few perks to get you ahead of the game


Tips Menggunakan LinkedIn

Tips Menggunakan LinkedIn dengan Baik dan Benar.

LinkedIn, salah satu sosial media dengan banyak orang profesional dalam bidangnya. Ada beberapa tips menggunakan LinkedIn yang wajib diketahui untuk freshgraduate, yaitu:

Foto Profil

Pertama, tips menggunakan LinkedIn adalah gunakan foto profil yang formal atau pantas untuk dilihat. Kamu bisa menggunakan pas foto atau foto yang menggambarkan pekerjaanmu. Hindari penggunaan foto selfie atau liburan karena hal ini menunjukkan kamu bukan orang yang serius untuk menjalin relasi kerja.

Tips Menggunakan LinkedIn

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