Virtual Internships

Virtual Internship: Productive Anytime

What is virtual internship?

A virtual internship is a work experience program, where the intern gains experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the job location.

Virtual interns communicate with their employer online through various platforms such as email, Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Meet, phone conversations, webinars, project management tools, etc. Students and graduates are the one who usually takes a virtual internship. The most common virtual internships are include information technology, software development, marketing, social media, research, writing, journalism, media, pre- and post-event planning, video creation and editing, human resources, graphic design, search engine optimization and marketing, non-profits and government internships, political internships, engineering internships, and public relations internships. Virtual intern projects are usually given out through online platforms and held their meetings through it too. 

Virtual Internship

There is also an important point if you want to be a virtual intern, motivation. With the right amount of motivation and goals, your internship can go swiftly. Being a virtual intern has its own challenges. Because you will be just facing your computer screen the entire time, there might be time where you feel like opening something else, get distracted by this and that, or maybe doze off. Focus and motivation is the key to a successful virtual internship. You need to fight the feeling of being distracted and start realizing why do you want to be a virtual intern.

Now the question is, what are the benefits of interning virtually? By interning virtually, it opens a lot more possibility for both the interns and the companies. Because of this, a company does not need to pay extra fees to look for interns across the nation, they’ll actually save up a lot more and can get a variety of personalities and abilities by increasing their range of location. Work can also be done and sent through online platforms. As for the interns, they will get projects according to the division that they are assigned to, they can also save up a lot of money especially if they live across the country from the company that they are interested in. All the interns need to have are good internet connection, working camera and mic, and a computer and they can do it all at the comfort of their bedroom or maybe a café, there are endless possibilities. No more visa, transportation tickets, packing things up and move so far away from home just to intern.

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