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  • 19 Jun, 2024

    Hospitality Internship in the Maldives : A Gateway to Excellence

    The tourism industry has become one of the most important sectors in the global economy, with the Maldives known as an exotic destination for tourists from all over the world. 

    Internships in the hospitality industry in Maldives have become a point of success for many young professionals who aspire to achieve excellence in the field. 

    In this article, we will discuss how an internship in the Maldives is a career opportunity in the hospitality sector.


14 Jul, 2021

Internship in Qatar

Internship at FIFA Arab Cup 2021 and FIFA World Cup 2022

Pada Rabu, 14 Juli 2021 Bright Internships mengadakan kegiatan Virtual Info Session dengan tema Internship in Qatar.

Kegiatan ini merupakan kerjasama antara Career Development...

12 Jul, 2021

Presentation Tips

How to Ace Your Presentation?

Presentation is a tool that we need to deliver some information to the audience. Some people find doing a presentation is something that difficult to do.

Most of people have many reactions to presenting,...

29 Jun, 2021

Webinar PPI Dunia

Webinar Bright Internships x Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) Dunia atau Overseas Indonesian Students’ Association Alliance (OISAA)⁣

Bright Internships bekerjasama dengan PPI Dunia, lebih tepatnya dengan Direktorat...

24 Jun, 2021

Talkshow Startup

Talkshow: Kick-Start Your Career in Startups

Bright Internships mengadakan talkshow dengan tema startup pada Rabu, 23 Juni 2021.

Dalam talkshow ini, Bright Internships mengundang Bapak Kelvin...

23 Jun, 2021

Career Preparation ALSA

Career Preparation for Job Seekers

Bright Internships dan ALSA (Asian Law Students’ Association) mengadakan kerjasama dengan tema Career Preparation for Job Seekers.

Kegiatan career preparation ini...

22 Jun, 2021

Career Preparation

Bright Internships x EEC (Engineering English Club) Universitas Jendral Soedirman mengadakan career preparation dengan tema Preparing Your First Job Interview like a Pro

EEC merupakan sebuah organisasi mahasiswa di Universitas Jendral Soedirman...

21 Jun, 2021

Webinar Virtual Internship

Virtual Internship: Remote Global Learning

Pada 18 Juni 2021, Bright Internships dan Perpika (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia di Korea) mengadakan kerjasama webinar dengan tema Virtual Internship: Remote Global Learning...

16 Jun, 2021

Build Your Career

Tools You Need to Build Your Career

Nowadays, you need to build your career because it is an important thing to do.

In the process, we will find many questions such as what to do? What do you do? How...

15 Jun, 2021

Info Session Poltek APP

Global Internship: Grab Your International Exposure Opportunities merupakan tema info session dengan Politeknik APP Jakarta.

Bright Internships dan Politeknik APP Jakarta mengadakan info session bersama pada 12 Juni 2021,...

14 Jun, 2021

Internship Webinar

Plan Your Future Career through Internship

Bright Internships dan YOT (Young On Top) Depok mengadakan kolaborasi webinar dengan tema besar Internship.

YOT merupakan komunitas anak-anak muda yang...

08 Jun, 2021

Pelatihan Karir FATETA IPB

Bright Internships dan mahasiswa Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian dari Institut Pertanian Bogor mengadakan kolaborasi kelas pelatihan karir dengan tema Interview.

Kedua belah pihak mengadakan pelatihan karir ini dengan tujuan...

07 Jun, 2021

Webinar Karir GENBI

Bright Internships dan GENBI Kediri mengadakan webinar karir dengan tema “Tips & Tricks: CV and Job Interview”

GenBI Kediri merupakan komunitas penerima beasiswa dari Bank Indonesia yang berdomisili di Kediri. Kerjasama...

07 Jun, 2021

Virtual Info Session

The Ultimate Way to Strive in the Global Competition - Virtual Info Session Universitas Indonesia

Bright Internships dan Universitas Indonesia (UI), tepatnya pihak CDC Universitas Indonesia mengadakan kerjasama virtual info...

04 Jun, 2021

Webinar Karir UGM

Bright Internships dan Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)  berkolaborasi untuk mengadakan webinar karir dengan tema “Step Up Your Global Exposure through an International Internship”

Terima kasih kepada pihak CDC FISIPOL UGM yang...

03 Jun, 2021

Internship in Seoul

Most wanted job positions: internship in Seoul

Internship in Seoul is special, why is it? Because Seoul is a special city and for your information South Korea well known as Ginseng country.

Seoul is the largest metropolis of...