Why We Love Spring Internship

Yes, it’s still winter, but let’s talk about spring internship because we all love spring.

Spring is the season of new beginnings. After the long, dark, winter months, spring is literally a breath of fresh air. And as the days get longer, the nights get shorter, and it starts to feel warmer, nature responds in a big way. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again.

Of course, every season is beautiful. But spring is spring. There are reasons why we love spring season.

It’s the Time to Welcome the Sunshine!

#10YearsChallenge Profesi Populer Dulu dan Sekarang

Pasti kamu sudah melihat tagar #10YearsChallenge di sosial media manapun. Esesensi dari #10YearsChallenge ini adalah untuk menampilkan transformasi yang terjadi sebelum dan sesudah 10 tahun. Entah teman, selebgram, atau artis ternyata banyak yang mengikuti challenge ini!

Nah, bagaimana jika #10YearsChallenge ini dilakukan untuk melihat profesi atau karir yang populer pada tahun 2009 dan 2019?

Berdasarkan hasil yang di dapat oleh Bright Internships, ternyata ada 3 bidang yang paling diminati oleh para pencari kerja pada tahun 2009:


Signs You're That Awesome Intern

You’re one of the lucky few who secured an internship this semester. You’re really working your hard to make sure you make a good impression. You’re taking on tasks that require background research, you’re teaching yourself all these new software tips and tricks, and you’re even showing up on time in well-put-together outfits!

You feel like you’ve totally got your life together. But how do you know if your coworkers and supervisors are noticing? Here are some signs you’re that awesome intern.


Mahasiswa Wajib Ikuti 6 Kegiatan Ini!

Menjadi mahasiswa adalah satu hal yang sangat menyenangkan. Pada masa ini, kamu bisa berkembang untuk memusatkan seluruh kemampuan serta bakat yang kamu miliki di kampus. Kesempatan ini tentulah jangan sampai kamu sia-siakan. Ada banyak hal yang semestinya kamu lakukan ketika menjalani masa kuliah karena keaktifanmu di masa kuliah ternyata bisa mempengaruhi karir masa depanmu, loh!

Berikut adalah beberapa kegiatan yang mahasiswa wajib ikuti semasa kuliah:

Bangun Relasi Untuk Investasi Masa Depan

Istilah mahasiswa kupu-kupu, atau kuliah pulang-kuliah pulang, pastinya sudah tidak asing bagimu. Baik senior maupun dosen mungkin memberikanmu petuah yang sama: jangan Cuma jadi mahasiswa kupu-kupu.

Let's Get to Know Hong Kong More!

Hong Kong is a dynamic city where language isn’t really a problem. In addition to that, China offers good economic and travel opportunities and Hong Kong is close enough to venture in, but not close enough to need to be fluent in Mandarin. Hong Kong is a great place from where to explore Asia, to learn about culture and to meet a variety of people.

Before going to Hong Kong, it's better to get to know Hong Kong first!

Hong Kong Gets 4 Seasons!

It is not a year-round tropical country as many people seem to believe. Summers are HOT and it gets fairly cold during the winter months (December to February).

SNA Special Program: Bangkok Internship

It cannot be denied that doing internship abroad will give so many benefits. Internship abroad will help students enhance their professional skills and improve their resume. An international internship will highlight the resume, from other students who they will be competing with in the workforce later on, especially if they do the internship since the early age. 

SNA Special program: Blockchain Experiential Program

Blockchain technology is about to disrupt the old economy and transform our vision of the business. Brought in the light by the explosion of the cryptocurrency market (global market cap over USD 200 billion early October 2018 (coinmarketcap.com), this technology is proliferating and offers great potential for many industries and services.

Singapore National Academy and Bright Internships proudly present a Blockchain Experiential Program that is designed to explore the basic and advanced properties of Blockchain technology, to recognize how Bitcoin and other crypto use these properties in their ecosystem and to ultimately understand the power of disruption that is shaking business conventional rules.

SNA Special Program: Local Internship

Having a vague career direction during High School period may seem normal, but it will be helpful if students know what they want as early as possible. We believe that the fastest way for students to learn while helping them to see their career path clearer is by getting hands-on experience through an internship.

This way, students can see directly what happen in the working world—what’s the requirement, what are the job description, what are the do's and don’ts, and et cetera. They no longer need to imagine their dream job because they will get the opportunity to work in their preferred industry.

Singapore National Academy Special Program

Since 2015, Bright Internships has helped hundred of students and young professional to develop their career and be stand out from the peers through internship and excursion program that we design in collaboration with corporations in top cities worldwide. We have guided and witnessed how the past client landed great job offers after or created their own startup companies, and those students do grow as an individual.