How to Make a Good Impression

Make good impression is important before create a beneficial relationships with other. Making a beneficial relationship for both parties is common in the business world. This relationship can also be utilized in the future when needed. Of course, you can negotiate so that both parties reach a win-win solution. You can also build the first impression of the various situations. How to make good impression? you can try this various ways:

Selling product

You must pay attention to be politely: say please, and thank you, speaking condescendingly or making unpleasant faces. Instead, answering questions and solving problems promptly with a friendly disposition, conversing using the customer's name during the dialogue, smiling, and showing interest in the person creates an impression of warmth, concern, and trust.

Melatih Skill

Di masa pandemi COVID-19 ini, sejak bulan Maret semua kegiatan telah dilakukan dari rumah, baik berkuliah, bekerja maupun bersekolah bagi anak jenjang TK hingga SMA. Selama 24 jam kita menghabiskan waktu di rumah saja. Sudahkah kamu membagi waktu dengan baik untuk diri sendiri? Mulai dari bermain, bekerja/belajar, dan beristirahat harus bisa kamu atur pembagian waktunya dengan baik. Bila ingin belajar lebih giat, kamu bisa mengurangi waktu bermain atau waktu beristirahatmu, tapi tentu saja kamu harus memperhatikan kesehatan juga. Kamu juga bisa melatih skill time management agar waktumu sehari-hari bisa terbagi menjadi lebih efisien dan efektif.

melatih skill

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Game as a New Lifestyle

Game industries thrives

Since before the new normal, people who are stuck at home are starting to get bored and tried to find things for them to do, fun things especially. So, many people are starting to play games. On their phones, tablets, laptops, computers, anything. And because of that, game industries are thriving and released so many new updates, games, and events with huge prizes and free premium games also. Following the demands of game-players, there are a few video game developer and publisher who are giving away different free premium games each week to its users. That is, Epic Games, Inc. Epic Games, Inc. is an American video game and software developer and publisher based in Cary, North Carolina. The company was founded by Tim Sweeney as Potomac Computer Systems in 1991, originally located in his parents' house in Potomac, Maryland.

Movie Binging Time

Movie Streaming

Hey, Brighterns! We are pretty sure you know what this article is about, movies! During these times, most of us can be super bored staying at home and don’t know what to do in our extra free time other than working, doing virtual internships, or maybe housework and hobbies. Beside all of that, we have this option of binging on our favourite movie or maybe discover something new! And the best thing is, there are loads of streaming and downloading movie platforms all over the internet. Now, let’s check out these movie series titles and start binge watching them:



Return Your Sleep Schedule

Sleep time has been a mess during COVID-19 pandemic

Does the title seem all too familiar? Do you have more sleeping troubles even when you’ve already stayed at home? Most of us do and that seems to be the common thing we have now. Working from home, school from home, hobbies from home, and much more, in logic, should actually make us sleep better because we don’t have to pull out our extra energy to go to work or school. But the fact is different from that, we have seen multiple people complaining on their social media accounts that their sleeping schedules are now twisted. They sleep in the morning (usually by 3 AM or even more later than that), wake up in the afternoon (sometimes the evening) and they start doing their activities.

Reduce Forgetfullness Tips

Have you ever felt forgotten to do anything or forget what to talk about? Of course, this is very inconvenient because it delays your activities to recall. You can reduce forgetfullness in the following ways:

Avoid multitasking

If you often do many things together, avoid this to reduce forgetfullness. Doing concurrent work can make your focus split and force your brain to work too hard, lowering brain performance and memory. Get your work done one by one, don't at once. To make your mind load lighter.


No need for heavy exercise, light exercise can facilitate the circulation of blood in the body for supply to the brain. It supports the strengthening of human brain recall.

reduce forgetfullness

How to Stay Focus

It is hard to stay focus at home

Staying focus in this pandemic time has become quite hard because of the monotonic environment. We sometimes zone out when we are doing some work or homework tasks at home. Why? Because there are tons of distraction that can happen, starting from the sound of notifications from your phone, looking out the window, online shopping, Instagram, to maybe just looking at the ceiling. Telling yourself to focus is an easy thing but doing so can be quite hard. Here are some ways we can all build our focus during this staying at home period:


Investment Recommendation for College Student

Young age is not an obstacle for students to making money, besides the part-time, you can also set aside your money to save or invest. These investments have a variety of forms of finance and personal development. Investments are certainly made for prosperity in the future. The following are forms of colleger investment recommendation that can be done:


Gols is the number one of investment recommendation. Set aside your savings by buying gold. Gold keeps the price of the money you have and can be used as an emergency fund if you need it. Buy it in a trusted place that has been watched by financial institutions. Compare each place for admin fees and disbursement fees. If the purchase price of gold is down it's the right time for you to invest. Aim for gold bars, not gold jewelry because gold jewelry more often drops in price

What You Need to Know About Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers safety precautions

The use of hand sanitizers has increased nowadays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And because of the frequent use, hand sanitizers have become quite hard to find. Because of the rarity, people have started to make their own sanitizers and sell them without license. If you want to buy hand sanitizers, we recommend you to look for the ones which had license and has been used by lots of people, also make sure it is made in real laboratories. Hand sanitizers that are recommended by CDC and WHO are the ones that consist of 60% alcohol or higher, this helps us kill bacteria, whereas hand sanitizers that doesn’t have alcohol in it works less effective and it only reduces the growth of bacteria rather than killing it. 

What Lesson Can We Take From This Pandemic Season

The positive points we can get from this pandemic

Lately, the news and other medias have been writing things that are gloomy to most of us about this coronavirus pandemic. Reading those articles and watching that news made it really hard to stay positive in this pandemic time. Anxiety and fearfulness start to kick in and we sometimes do not know how to handle it the right way. That is why it is very important to at least have a positive view on this pandemic situation. Not to take the pandemic lightly, yes, we need to be aware of what is going on and yes, this is a serious life and death situation. This pandemic affects our health, economy, environment, and so much more and the worst thing is that this happens all around the world. And it is very easy to only focus on that because that is what the media covers.