5 Top Tips to Overcome Culture Shock

Getting the chance to be an intern abroad might be an intriguing experience for anyone. It is not suprising if someone has a lot of energy at the beginning that comes from the excitement of travelling to a new place. However, it should be noted that there is a new culture that a person needs to face and adapt. That is why, it is also not surprising if that excitement slowly evaporates as the surprises start to drain the energy. This phenomenon is usually known as culture shock.

If you happen to feel the culture shock, keep it in your mind that it is really important to know how to overcome it. Otherwise, it can affect your work performance and even lead to stress.

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How to Boost Up Your Confidence

Have you ever been in a situation where you are sitting amidst your colleagues, but somehow you feel so ‘small’ because you think you are nothing compared to them?


Have you ever felt where you are terribly afraid to do something new because you think you are not capable to do it?

If your answers are “yes”, you need to know how to boost up your confidence.

Ace Your Interview for an Internship Abroad

Going on an interview for an internship abroad is a challenging experience, especially if it is your first one. Sometimes the pressure and stress can get the better of you and cost you the position. This stress mostly comes from the fact that you have no idea what to expect during an interview. Thus, try following these 6 interview tips to better prepare yourself to get hired.

Build a Strong Network – With these 5 Steps!

We all know that one person who seems to know everyone who is ‘someone’. Every time they have a problem or need an advice, they always have someone they can call for help. Have you ever wondered how that person can be that well connected? Some lucky people are born with the innate ability to make friend with anyone you just met, but for everyone else, they have to work for it. For you who want to learn how to build a strong network, here are several strategies that you can try.

6 Steps to Beat Procrastination

"Your paper’s deadline is next week. You have plenty of time to gather information and actually work on it. But there is a TV show you just need to watch, social media you need to update and browse through, and emails you need to check, so you put it away for a day, and another and another. Suddenly, the due date looms tomorrow. Panic sets and you start scrambling everything to finish your paper, pulling an all-nighter. In the end, you manage to meet the deadline, but you end up feeling super tired and you do not think you have done your best with the paper."

Does this scenario sounds familiar?

If not, then you might be among the lucky few.

But for everyone else, welcome to the land of the procrastinators.

4 Rumus Wajib Bagi Perantau Bertahan Hidup di Luar Negeri

Bertahan hidup di luar negeri selama magang tentu tidak semudah jika kamu berada di negeri sendiri. Perbedaan cuaca hingga nilai tukar mata uang menjadi tantangan yang mau tidak mau harus kamu taklukan. Apakah seorang perantau sudah pasti sukses? Jawabannya tentu tidak. Pasalnya, kamu pun harus memiliki cukup modal dan persiapan yang matang agar tidak kesulitan saat jauh dari kampung halaman. Sebelum memulai, yuk cari tahu apa saja yang harus dilakukan para perantau untuk dapat bertahan hidup di luar negeri!

6 Tips Beradaptasi Ketika Menjadi Karyawan Magang di Luar Negeri

Mendapat kesempatan untuk magang di luar negeri memang merupakan sebuah langkah awal yang sangat baik untuk memulai karir. Meskipun demikian, menjadi karyawan magang ternyata banyak tantangannya. Selain harus berhadapan dengan orang-orang asing, kamu pun harus mampu beradaptasi dengan budaya yang sangat berbeda. Nah, berikut ini adalah beberapa tips beradaptasi ketika magang di luar negeri supaya kamu bisa bekerja dengan nyaman dan sukses.

Cara Mudah Belajar Bahasa Inggris Buat Kamu yang Ingin Magang di Luar Negeri

Belajar bahasa Inggris untuk persiapan magang di luar negeri adalah langkah awal yang harus kamu lakukan sebelum berangkat ke Negara tujuan. Meskipun saat di sekolah sampai perguruan tinggi kamu selalu belajar bahasa Inggris, ternyata itu tidak menjadi jaminan kemampuan bahasa Inggrismu sudah sempurna. Buat kamu yang ingin mahir berbahasa Inggris, inilah cara mudah mempelajarinya!